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Our vision is to achieve healthy living for everyone, “We Care”.

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At GreenRemedy our team is committed to helping people with their health and nutrition, the pillars of a happy, productive and long life. Green Remedy Enterprises not only is a successful dealership for Saladmaster, but more than that it is a vehicle to carry the message of the importance of health and nutrition to a growing audience in British Columbia, Canada and beyond.

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A wise person somewhere said: When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
Our vision is to achieve healthy living for everyone, “We Care”.
Golnaz Rezaei

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We host events periodically, you can apply to participate in these events if you are eligible.

Here are the events ahead of us:

30 January 2021

Open House

Event Category: Discussion, Experiments, Get Together

05 February 2021

Cooking School

Event Category: Education, Experiments, Life Style

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Emma Hart
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