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Our vision is to achieve healthy living for everyone, “We Care”.

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At GreenRemedy our team is committed to helping people with their health and nutrition, the pillars of a happy, productive and long life. Green Remedy Enterprises not only is a successful dealership for Saladmaster, but more than that it is a vehicle to carry the message of the importance of health and nutrition to a growing audience in British Columbia, Canada and beyond.

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Change Your Cookware. Change Your Life.

A wise person somewhere said: When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
Our vision is to achieve healthy living for everyone, “We Care”.
Golnaz Rezaei

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We host events periodically, you can apply to participate in these events if you are eligible.

Here are the events ahead of us:

30 January 2021

Open House

Event Category: Discussion, Experiments, Get Together

05 February 2021

Cooking School

Event Category: Education, Experiments, Life Style

What People Say

You give us strength.

“I invested in my and my family’s health three years ago. GreenRemedy has changed the way we look at the food and has changed our life style. Thanks to GreenRemdy my diabetes has been stable and I am so grateful.”

Alex Shirazi

“I wish everyone a healthy happy life. thanks to mrs Rezaei. ”

Majid Rezaei

“I always prefer the best for my family than when I bought and used Saladmaster cookware, I recommended it to my mom and sister too.
Nutrition always is my number one priority for my family cooking, but with Saladmaster you can save money and time too and be the best cook ever.

Sahar Niknami

We have been a salad master customer since 2013. As a family who values health above all else, we knew this was the right cookware for us after our first presentation.

As someone who also loves cooking, I noticed a difference in the quality of the food I was making right away. That in combination with being able to reduce the amount of oil we use how easy they are to clean, and how durable they really are , makes this my favorite cookware hands down.

The team at green remedy has also been wonderful and supportive from the first day we made our purchase till now. They are always very quick to respond to any inquiries and to this day provide support when needed.

Mahsa A

SaladMaster pots made it possible for me to make healthy meals for my kids the easiest and fastest way possible. It’s so reassuring to know I’m feeding my little kids nutritious food free from any harmful substances. I am so thankful to Ms. Rezaei & her knowledgeable team for all their support. Switching to SaladMaster was the best choice I made to improve my lifestyle.


Vesta Rankin

I have been a customer of GreenRemedy Enterprise since 2012 and ever since the owner and her team have shown nothing except great customer and product services. Their professionalism is very much appreciated and even at this hard time because of the pandemic and many business closures, Golnaz and GreenRemedy have kept their business up and running and are committed to great service and are very friendly during this hard time. I would highly recommend anyone interested in healthy cookware products and a team with nutrition background to consider giving GreenRemedy a try.


Mike Shoraka
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