Why We Can’t Make Diets Work

Here is a common list of reasons why you won’t stick to your diet and or it won’t work.

Dieting changes your metabolism, causing you to slow down the burning process and store more fats which leads to gaining back the weight you are losing now later on in the future.

Diets greatly affect a person’s way of thinking and bring down a person’s self-esteem level dramatically.

Restricting what you eat commonly leads to food cravings and binge eating.

In some cases, dieting is just a person way of covering up or even expressing the underlying problem which could be hurt feelings, traumas, and dealing with bad situations in their lives.

Dieting can quickly change from an effort to being healthy/looking healthy into an obsession. Excessive thinking about food, new diets, exercise, and your body can result in eating disorders whether it is overeating or under eating and over exercising or under-exercising.

Dieting confuses the body so you don’t know whether your body is full or hungry which can lead to confusion when planning to eat a meal.

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